What was the reason for the foundation of GAST/EPIC?

On May 17, 1992, Munich Airport – Franz Josef Strauß – went into operation. As early as in the year before, the development of the police headquarters Munich Airport had started. They had to perform all usual police tasks like traffic control, prosecution of crimes and offences, as well as maintenance of public security and order.

As part of their task fulfilment, the police headquarters also had to take provisions to be prepared for coping with skyjacking or major incidents. When such incidents occur, people are often terribly worried about the whereabouts or the wellbeing of their next of kin or friends and ask themselves fundamental questions:

Where to turn to?

Where to get information?

Who coordinates all incoming information?

Theoretically, all that had been settled, but would it function in an emergency?

A room in the immediate vicinity of the operations centre of the police became equipped with a number of telephones. That was at least a first start.

During the planning and the analysis of previous accidents of civil aviation that followed, it soon became obvious that it would be impossible to deal with thousands of callers with the resources at that time and that the technical equipment had to be improved. The previous room could not be used for further expansion. It was substituted by a no longer fully-equipped air-raid shelter, which was transformed during the following months.

As the financial means were very limited, the "founding fathers" brought an association into being and took out a loan for which they were also personally liable. This was the birth of the supporting initiative "GAST/EPIC" – a call centre for accidents. You can learn more about the details from the additional information.

Many air companies at the airport joined within a short period of time. Mr. Gutschi, chairman of the AOC (Airline Operators Committee, association of the station directors at the airport) at that time, committed himself to the cause. We also received active support from Mr. Jürgensen of the KLM and Mrs. Dagmar Forster of the BA, as well as of Mr. Hemsen of the Munich Airport GmbH. It developed into a story of success, but with sad occasions.

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